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What is Scene Thirty?

Named with a throwback to Scarborough's nightclub history, Scene Thirty is a new over 30's afternoon club event in Scarborough! The idea is you can party like it's 1999, and still be home in time for Casualty! We know that you love to dance, socialize, and enjoy great music, but you don't want to sacrifice your beauty sleep to do it. That's why we are offering daytime clubbing for the over 30s! We offer a great, friendly & safe environment where everyone can dance, drink and have fun. The DJ's will play dance floor fillers, rare grooves and forgotten faves from the 80s & 90s & 2000's for you to get down to. 


Why Does It Finish So Early?

First off, we’re all tired of waiting for taxis that never come after a night out. Plus, if you’re sorting babysitters, working shifts or have to get up early on a Sunday, the times are perfect to enjoy your night & get home safely. If you’re enjoying the party, there’s lots of time to continue your night elsewhere afterwards!

How Strict Is The 30+ Age limit?

Strict. We'll require photographic ID (driving licence, passport, Buss Pass) from all patrons so, even if you're 50 and you look it, we still need proof!

Dress Code?

Smart & Stylish - Like it used to be!

So please this means:

Strictly NO sportswear, caps, man-bags, chains, bubble trainers, hoodies.

SMART T-Shirts, Cargos, Trainer Shoe styles are OK! During Summer months shorts are fine!

Do you take requests/ shout outs?

We do! Although a request is not a guarantee you'll hear it, you can DM us on the socials!

What Are The Drink Prices?

Drinks are very cheap with all Draught pints at £3.30, Single Spirit & Mixer for £2.50 & House Double's & mixer just £3.50!

Why Scene 30?

Scene 30 is taking a working men's club function room and taking it into a full blown nightclub setting with club level sound & lighting. Full Club level production is guaranteed!

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